May 18th, 2022

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to the new redesigned version of my personal website and blog.

I had a blog 2 or so years ago (over the years as well) and built it from scratch, but then last year, I tried to upgrade it to newer versions of the software and it was messed up so I thought: "I can build a new one, it will be fun" but realized that it would be easier if I just use something that is already done and be able to write blog posts and produce quality content on Twitter, as well as work on my side project idea that could potentially become a full time business some day.

Initially I started working on the next version of my website which was supposed to be a single page application with Laravel Octane as an API, NuxtJS as a front end and Tailwind CSS as a design system but then I changed my mind due to the reasons stated above.

So now that I have a new website that I created with Laravel and Statamic, as well as Tailwind CSS deployed on Vultr with Laravel Forge, you can find all of the old websites and projects I built, as well as this one on my GitHub profile if you want to check out my experiments.

The goal with this website and blog is to help people get to know me better as well as share useful content related to the favorite tech stack so that other people can learn a thing or two and maybe help them in some way.

In other news, I am currently working on a side project idea that has the potential to help other people besides me so stay tuned for more info about that part.